About us

Quantum Clear has been founded in 2013 in Zug, Switzerland, and has been accredited with the license to operate as a payment gateway provider in 2018 since then has integrated over 60 clients across the world.

At the very heart of Quantum Clear is a team of motivated individuals working for a joint cause - To create a world in which transfers are frictionless and limitless so people can focus more on their businesses and customers instead of regulation and limited payment solutions

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Our company values

Customer first approach

Every client is different, thus we do not follow a one size fits all approach. Our support and development team is ready to meet our client's needs.


Quantum Clear prides itself on details. The key detail which we focus on is the ability to keep our clients feeling safe. For us it matters that the service - works when you need it.

Blockchain agnostic

Quantum Clear accepts most major cryptocurrencies and stable coins.

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